Madeline is a designer from Milwaukee, WI, based in Chicago, IL. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Design Studies and Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2018). Her work is rooted in the psychological relationship between the self, our built environments and ideas of collectivity ; exploring printed forms and tactile engagement by celebrating our complex subjectivities and translating them into approachable designs. Her travels, photography and archival practices sustain her vision and dedication to creating platforms for others voices and visions to be illuminated. Through curatorial efforts, publishing, print media and cultural production, she applies her design solutions towards building and strengthening connections within her community.

Her position as co-founder, editor in chief and designer of the bi-annual student arts magazine, Duomo, has been a guiding force for her production of other local art and cultural publications // production organizations. Junior editor of Generous Magazine, Production Assistant for the Milwaukee Chapter of Creative Mornings and Sales Associate of Form Fine Goods, all take precedent in her work in promoting and engaging the creative community of Milwaukee and beyond. Her work with Duomo and Generous has been featured in Milwaukee’s Art Book Fair (2017) as well as several other creative spaces within the city, setting the foundation for further projects that explore the printed form and critical social engagement. She views this type of consumption as an act of self care + tool to promote a greater sense of curiosity, sensory development and purpose.